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Offering smart home technology services throughout Kent, Surrey and South London, including Maidstone, Medway, Tunbridge Wells, Ashford, West Malling, Aylesford, Gravesham and Dartford.

Smart home technology which may also be termed Home automation is the use of devices in the home that connect via a network, most commonly a local LAN or the internet. It uses devices such as sensors and other appliances connected to the Internet that can be remotely monitored, controlled or accessed.

Smart home technology allows you to control and monitor your connected home devices from smart home apps, smartphones, or other networked devices. You can remotely control connected home systems whether they are home or away. This allows for more efficient energy and electric use as well as ensuring your home is secure. 

There are many Smart Home devices on the market such as Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home, Energenie, Wink, Ring, August Home or Nest to name just a few! 

And these can deliver automation for not just computers and smartphones, but everything from:

  • Wireless speaker systems
  • Clocks
  • Thermostats
  • Doorbells
  • Windows
  • Window blinds
  • Home security & monitoring systems
  • Smoke/CO detectors
  • Lighting
  • Home energy use monitors
  • Door locks
  • Refrigerators, Laundry machines, cookers
  • Hot water heaters 

Home automation is exactly what it sounds like: automating the ability to control items around the house—from window shades to pet feeders—with a simple push of a button (or a voice command). Some activities, like setting up a lamp to turn on and off at your whim, are simple and relatively inexpensive. Others, like advanced surveillance cameras, may require a more serious investment of time and money.

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