Burnt socket

Why Do My Electrics Smell Like Fish?

Often misdiagnosed fishy odours are a common indication of electrical problems in a house. The odours can be hard to track down and may come and go as the current draw on the outlet increases or decreases with use. However it is important to determine which outlet is causing the problem as it could lead to a fire if it is not repaired quickly.What Causes the Fishy Smell? When a circuit overheats, the plastics and heat-resistant chemicals used in sockets,circuit breakers, or wiring insulation ...

The advantages of rewiring your home

Thinking of getting your home rewired? Read this post to find out the benefits.We offer electrical rewires across Maidstone, Medway, Tunbridge Wells, Ashford, West Malling, Aylesford, Gravesham and Dartford.

consumer units

A guide to the consumer unit

Do you want to get to know more about your consumer unit? Read this blog post to find out more. We offer electrical services across Kent, Medway and South London.

Subtle garden lighting

Best Garden Lighting with Sensors

Find out why lights with in-built sensors are perfect for getting the best use out of your garden lights, while saving energy too! Attaching motion sensors to outdoor lighting is also Inexpensive and easy to install, making them the perfect fit for your garden!