Should I Install A CCTV For My Home

Installing CCTV is never something that you will regret, however some homes benefit much more from it than others. For example, if you live in a safe neighbourhood with very low crime rates, you may not see it as beneficial to install CCTV cameras, and this is understandable! However, there are so many great benefits to installing CCTV cameras, making them a great option for every home.

CCTV deters criminals 

If you have visible CCTV cameras outside your home, it is much less likely for you to be targeted by criminals. Cameras are a great way to deter criminal behaviour as it will be more favourable to target a home with no cameras, from a criminal’s point of view. 

CCTV aids with prosecution 

In the case that criminal activity does occur, having footage from a CCTV camera can massively aid with prosecution. You have clear evidence with a location and time stamp that shows what happened to your home which can be used for identification. If you do not have a camera, prosecution could be less possible, as there might be no evidence of the criminal. 

CCTV allows for remote monitoring 

Many new CCTV systems allow you to monitor what is going on outside your home, wherever you are in the world. This is ideal for extra peace of mind when you are away, as all you need is an internet connection. It is also ideal for when you are home and can hear something happening outside, as you can check it out without being at risk. 

CCTV is great when used with an intruder alarm 

If you have an intruder alarm installed in your home already, adding CCTV gives you the ultimate level of protection. When used alone, an intruder alarm is still beneficial, but it is perfect to have both. This is the best way to protect your home from any threats, as all bases are covered- you have cameras to protect the outside and an intruder alarm to alert you of any internal activity. 

Need CCTV cameras for your home? 

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