Best Garden Lighting with Sensors

Why light up your garden?

Enhancing the lighting in your garden is the perfect way to make it feel more inviting and colourful at night! Lights can be in full view or hidden for a more subtle effect and are often available in a vast array of colours or finishes.

Having good quality garden lighting is perfect for those summer months where you might be hosting BBQs late into the night or for the winter months when the nights draw in quickly and you wish to create a homely feel outdoors. The lights can even be connected to a remote controller so you can turn them on and off easily. 

What about lighting up your pond or hot tub? Lights behind a water feature are always impressive and it’s often not expensive to achieve a luxurious effect.

From hidden floodlights in your borders or twinkly fairy lights in your shrubs to large feature lights on your gate posts; Simon Martin Associates can help you plan your garden lighting with advice on the type of lights, style, colour and quantity to achieve the effect you desire.

PIR sensors are the way to go for walkways

If you have a dark pathway or rear garden access that you wish to light when someone approaches then a PIR (passive infrared) sensor is the best way to achieve this. A PIR is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. That means that you merely have to walk in front of the light for it to turn on!

These are the most popular sensors for outside walkway lighting, as the sensor detects heat from a person in the form of infrared light, which turns it on for a specified length of time rather than leaving them on constantly overnight. You can control how long your garden remains illuminated with a timer setting which can range from several seconds to several minutes.

The best thing about PIR lights is that they are not affected by trees or bushes swaying in the wind. They might be motion sensors, but they only detect movement from people or animals, as the sensor is designed to only detect infrared light emitted from living things which generate heat.

Interested in lighting up your garden?

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